A Happy Marriage between Tech and Entrepreneurs in Qingdao


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On August 27th, 2020, the launch event of Tencent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Town | Qingdao was successfully held. Ms. Fei Rong, representative of Qingdao Free Trade Zone, Ms. Lin Ma, representative of Québec Office in Qingdao, Ms. Charlene Yao, chief representative of Laval Virtual in China, Cecil Lee, chairman of HK Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Hongjing Ke, chairman of Singapore Chamber of Commerce in Shandong, attended as well as entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, UK, France, Singapore, Poland and Hungary. They gathered together to consider the current economic climate and discuss market potential in accordance with the theme "Embrace Changes; Create the Future With Tencent."

Guests first visited the Industrial Operation Center and experienced the global Internet+ industrial innovation ecosystem. Then Cecil Lee, chairman of HK Chamber of Commerce, announced the launch of the Private Advisory Board of Tencent Innovation and Entrepreneurship as guests enjoyed a lovely cocktail-cum-social networking.


The Private Advisory Board of Tencent Innovation and Entrepreneurship aims to build an entrepreneurship platform that provides diversified activities and shares news/updates on policies to achieve seamless networking and idea generation.

Tencent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Town|Qingdao is a three-dimensional, all-around national demonstration area integrating R&D, incubation, acceleration, industrialization, training, financial investment and ecology. With access to Tencent’s vast resources, this project will focus on building a new generation of leading industrial clusters at home and abroad, including digital architecture, artificial intelligence, digital content and online education. The goal is to build a new mode of platform economy and a complete Internet+ industrial innovation ecosystem.


Companies that reside in this Tencent project can benefit from rent reimbursement, tax refunds, training allowance for new employees and specific policies geared for certain industries. In the future, companies will also be empowered by Tencent Open Resounces to thrive in the ecosystem economy.

For more information, please contact Ms. Qi Dong, Overseas Director of Tencent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Town | Qingdao, Tel: 18669802707



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