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Here at WAVES we are dedicated to bringing the people of Qingdao together through our multiple channels. WAVES has a WeChat group for everyone, whether they are parents, children, volunteers, or just those interested in finding out more about the captivating city. Below is an extensive list of everything WAVES has to offer:


Do you have a burning question regarding Qingdao that you need answered? Well, the WAVES Question and Answer group is the perfect place for you to visit. This is a place full of people asking questions about the city and getting the answers they are looking for. These could include anything from; Where can I find a good Japanese restaurant? to where can I find a great brunch in Qingdao? The group is full of members itching to help you out.

WAVES Promotions

If you are looking for a bargain or have a deal you’d love to share, then join the WAVES Promotions WeChat group! Packed full with members uploading their promotions to restaurants, bars, and hotels, a good deal is never far away. Events and activities will become consistently cheaper if you can keep an eye out for the posts to this group.

WAVES Flea Market

Brilliant for both sustainability and cheap deals, the WAVES Flea Market group contains endless information on second-hand goods. Whether you are looking for a new coat or have some low-value furniture to sell, this group is the destination to visit. Save yourself some money and reduce your waste by joining this group!


A group that focuses on musicians and music lovers alike. Qingdao hosts many great musicians and through this WeChat group the next big thing can promote themselves. Meanwhile, new fans are able to learn about upcoming events and music-related news.


As is the same for music, Qingdao is a hub of artistic prodigies. If you are an up and coming artist who is hoping to showcase their work to people around the city. The WAVES Art group is also a great place to search for cultural happenings, be it an upcoming exhibition or an online masterpiece that needs to be shared.

WAVES Photography

These days anyone can be a top-class photographer. Become a member of the WAVES Photography WeChat group if you would like to see some brilliant photos of the city, or if you have some modern masterpieces sat on your phone that you would love to present to others.


At WAVES we want to make sure that everyone is involved in the Qingdao society. So, if you are a parent who is wondering what events and news relate to you and your child then join the littleWAVES WeChat group. WAVES is determined to bring families together and keep them connected to the rest of what Qingdao has to offer.

WAVES Interns & Volunteers

WAVES offers many brilliant opportunities for interns and volunteers who are eager to get involved in a thriving media company. These schemes are an excellent way to gain experience or simply to feel involved in an exciting project that brings quality journalism to the people of Qingdao.

If you want to join any of these essential groups for a citizen of Qingdao, please get in contact via the QR code and you will be added as a member to the group of your choice — remember you can join as many groups as you like!


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